Dec 30, 2009

This is Resident Evil 5 Review Time - Download Resident Evil 5

March 6, 2009 - Change can be a painful process. Just ask one of the unfortunate citizens of Kijuju, the fictional region of Africa that serves as the setting of Resident Evil 5, the latest entry in Capcom's ongoing zombie videogame saga. A power-mad corporation's evolutionary manipulations have caused a biological disaster that turns people into mindless hosts for a military-grade parasitic infection. And you thought the Bird Flu was nasty.

The citizens of Kijuju are going through some ugly changes, many of which involve tentacles, oozing eyeballs and heretofore unexplored bloodlust. And, as is the custom in a Resident Evil game, you drop into the situation woefully underprepared for what awaits. The resulting experience is an intense, action-packed adventure replete with satisfying combat, tight gameplay and gorgeous, well-crafted environments. Resident Evil 5 offers all those things and then some, but it doesn't do many of the things longtime fans of the series expect. It won't scare you. It won't fill you with creeping desperation. It won't have you collecting and counting bullets like they're precious stones. It won't, in essence, make you feel like you're playing a traditional Resident Evil game.

Like the story it's trying to tell, Resident Evil 5 is all about evolution. Capcom has gone out on a limb with the latest numbered sequel in its long-running survival horror franchise, and although one of your goals as a player is to survive the horrors around you, this entry in the series is a radical departure from the genreCapcom helped create near Raccoon City more than a decade ago.

You'll start out the game as Chris Redfield, who fans will remember as one of the co-stars of the original Resident Evil. But Chris is no lone wolf. Joining him on his mission is Sheva Alomar, an African national and bioweapons expert. Both Chris and Sheva are members of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, a global outfit tasked with preventing the proliferation of "biological organic weapons."

And to date, the group has done a pretty poor job of it. From the incident at the Arklay Mansion (RE1) to the outbreak in Raccoon City (RE2) and the Las Plagas infestation in Spain (RE4), the B.S.A.A. and its predecessors such as the S.T.A.R.S. team have been one step behind the Umbrella Corporation and its mysterious backers. When we last left the story of Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, he and fellow former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine were battling through Umbrella's Russian base. So why isn't Jill at Chris's side in RE5? It's a good question, and one you'll have to play the game to answer.

This time around, it's Sheva who has Chris's back, and she'll be with you every step of the way, whether you go it alone or recruit a friend to play along. On your first playthrough you're stuck with the beefy Chris, whose bulging biceps and gigantic torso make Street Fighter IV's Ken look like a stick figure. Once you complete the game, you unlock the ability to play single-player as the more compact Sheva, who can handle herself and just about everything else. 

There are several scenes in RE5 where the more acrobatic Sheva will need to part ways with Chris to reach hard-to-access areas. It's a cool nod to the co-op nature of the game, but I felt Capcom could have gone farther with the concept. There are no moments when you truly feel separated from your partner, which could have upped the fear factor significantly. Part of the horror of past RE games lay in the cramped isolation of knowing you were all alone in a dark corridor. But here, you're never truly on your own, as Sheva is always at your side.

When Sheva is controlled by the game, she does a pretty fair job of staying out of your line of fire, watching your back for enemies and healing or reviving you when you take damage. But just like any partner, she does have her annoyances. In RE5, as in other games in the series, each character is limited to a set number of inventory slots, and making the best use of that space is one of the keys to doing well in the game. In single-player mode, you have access to both characters' inventories, and you can swap items back and forth between them as you see fit.

But Sheva likely doesn't have quite the same fanatical approach to ammo and health conservation that you do. She's a bit trigger happy, even when her targets aren't perfectly presented, and she tends to heal herself and Chris at the slightest sign of a flesh wound. But beyond that, I found her to be at the same time both refreshingly unobtrusive and surprisingly intelligent, as A.I. partners go. Some players will hand her a few weapons and let her loose on Kijuju, while others will likely restrict her inventory and use her as more of a pack mule. 

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Dec 11, 2009

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Dec 3, 2009

GTA extream

GTA Extreme 20082009 [ENG]

ZR-350 - Mazda RX-7 VeilSide (With Neon)
Intruder - BMW 760Li
Buffalo - Dodge Challanger (Tunable)
Banshee - BMW M6 Cabrio
Stretch - Hummer H2 Limo
Police Ranger - Hummer H2 Police
Police VG - Lamborghini Gallardo Police
Police SF - Pontiac GTO Police
Huntley - Chevrolet Suburgan DUB
Roadtrain - Scania 164L 580 V8
Super GT - Lamborghini Murcielago
Hustler - Ford 5 Window (Hot Rod)
Jester - Audi R8
Caddy - Vespa Ape
Cheetah - Koenigsegg CCX
Quad - Yamaha YFZ 450
Mower - Tuned Mower
Sabre - Holden Efijy (Paintjobs)
Voodoo - Tuned Aston Martin DB9
Uranus - Nissan Silvia Tuned
Feltzer - Mercedes 500K
Elegant - Mercedes CLS500
Monster - Humster (Hummer Monstertruck)
Dozer - Caterpillar T530
Bullet - Bugatti Veyron
Vincent - Bentley Arnage
Rhino - Tiger Tank (WW II)
Merit - Jaguar XJ8
HotringRacer A - Shelby Mustang GT500
Dumper - Truck where you can load cars on
Bravura - Volkswagen Golf V (Tuned)
Alpha - Vauxhall (Opel) Monaro (Tuned)
Bobcat - Bobcat Dragster
Bandito - Other Bandito
Phoenix - Porsche Carrera GT (NFSC Edition)
Greenwood - Mercedes E500
Sunrise - BMW M3
Infernus - Mercedes SLR McLaren
Patriot - Hummer H1
Elegy - Nissan Skyline R34
Manana - Mini Cooper S
Taxi - Chevrolet Caprice Taxi
Camper - Volkswagen T2
Oceanic - Dodge Charger
Flash - VW Golf R32
Bloodring Banger - X43 Landspeeder (Don’t Add Hydrolics)
Stallion - Alfa Romeo 8C
Euros - Ferrari Enzo
Primo - Fiat Panda
Club - Honda Integra (Tuned)
Previon - Mercedes CL65
Hotknife - Mini Cooper (Old Version Tuned)
Majestic - Porsche GT3 (Gang Car)
Blista Compact - Toyota Supra VeilSide
Comet - Ford Mustang GT
Rumpo - Mercedes Sprinter (By ELalexandro)
Slamvan - UAZIK
Utility Van - Gipsy Car
Utility Trailer - Big Caravan (Able to get in)
Broadway - Cadillac Deville (Paintjobs)
Perennial - Chrysler T&C
Coach - Old Bus
Remero - Cadillac Fleetwood
Linerunner - Linerunner Van
Landstalker - Volvo XC90
Turismo - Maserati MC12 Grace
Hermes - Volkswagen Beetle (Paintjobs)
Packer - Peterbilt Packer
Pony - Volkswagen Transporter
Remington - Chevrolet Caprice Classic Lowrider
Ambulance - Hummer H2 Ambumlance
Sultan - BMW M5
Buccaneer - Cadillac
Towtruck - Porsche Cayenne Towtruck
Mesa - Rock Crawler Mesa
Firetruck - IFA L60 Fire Truck
FBI Rancher - Chevrolet Suburban FBI
Admiral - Admiral Cabrio
Premier - Mercedes S600
Burrito - Toyota Town Ace
Trash - Mack R 600 Trashmaster
Cabbie - Chevrolet Bel Air
Sandking - Suburban Offroad
Esperanto - Maserati Spyder
Walton - Isuzu
Picador - Chevrolet El Camino (Tuned)
DFT-30 - Design-X2-DD 360N (Bus)
Rancher - Ford Bronco Concept
Journey - Chevrolet Camper
Yosmite - Ford F-150
Kart - Other Kart
Tractor - Tunable Tractor
Stafford - Rolls Royce Phantom
Tug - Tunable Tug
Fortune - Toyota Supra
Combine - New Holland TX 34

Freeway - Nice Chopper
Police Bike - Harley Davidson Police
F*ggio - Mini Bike
Pizzaboy - Mini Dirt Bike
BF400 - Buell Lightning 1200
FRC 900 - FRC 1200
BMX - Lowrider BMX
Sanchez - Honda CR 125R
PCJ600 - Ducati Monster
NRG-500 - Susuki GSX-R 1000

Helicopters + Airplanes:
Cargo Bob - Big Bob
Police Heli - UFO
Rustler - P38 Lightning
AT400 - Boeing 747 Quantas
Hydra - F-15 Jet
Leviathan - Sea king
Nevada - DC3
Skimmer - De Havilland Beaver DHC 2
Beagle - Piper J3 Cub
Seasparrow - Roflcopter
Maverick - Bell 206B JetRanger II
News Chopper - Robinson R44 Raven II
Andromada - Antonov An-225
Shamal - B2 Spirit Stealth

Marquis - Ferry Boat
Coastguard - Big Ferry Boat
Speeder - Houseboat
Tropic - Aircraft Carrier

Brass Knuckles - Golden Brass Knuckles
Katana - Golden Katana
Grenade - Pokeball
Satchel charge - C4
Cold 45 - Revolver
Combat shotgun - Franchi Spas 12
Double Wierd Weapon Mod (Double M4, MP5, UZI, AK47, 9MM, Desert Eagle)
Sniper - New Sniper
Chainsaw - Blood Chainsaw
Tec9 - Nailgun

Glass Pyramid - Stone Pyramid

Jetpack - Girl Jetpack
Back Tattoo - Steve-o Tattoo
Billboards with sexy girls
Realistic Radar
Realistic car names


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Crimes Of War

It is April of the year 1945, the last days of the Second World War. Berlin is under siege, and the empire of the Third Reich is crumbling down. Hitler is hiding in his Führerbunker, knowing full well that he has found himself in a hopeless situation. The highest ranking SS officers decide to execute a very risky plan. The most important personas of the Third Reich are to be evacuated before the Soviet flag is mounted on the Reichstag. The resistance learns of this plan...

General Features

  • Use one of the many available vehicles and attack the enemy with even greater force
  • Cooperate with the resistance movement in order to overcome the Germans
  • Use the many varied weapons, such as the Luger Parabellum, the Tommy Gun and the MG-42
  • Fight in ruined cities, factories and offices of the Third Reich on the verge of its collapse.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows XP
    Processor 2.4 Ghz
    512 MB RAM
    6 GB of hard disk space
    Video Card: GeForce FX 5900 or Radeon 9600
    DirectX 9.0c
    DirectX compatible sound card
    8х DVD-ROM

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Monsters vs Aliens

The Monsters vs. Aliens video game puts the fate of the planet in players’ hands as they lead a dynamic team of five misfit monsters on a mission to save the world…as only they can. The game allows fans to experience the movie’s action and humor while playing as The Missing Link, the macho half-ape, half-fish; the gelatinous, indestructible and always hungry B.O.B.; and Ginormica, the 49-foot-11-inch tall woman and Insectosaurus, the 350-foot tall grub. Players utilize each character’s distinct strengths, sizes and abilities to battle giant alien robots that are wreaking havoc on earth. Friends or family members can join in the excitement at anytime as the world’s most brilliant scientist, Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D., in the unique co-op multiplayer mode.


OS: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium(R) 4 1.8GHz or Athlon XP(TM) 2400+ or higher processor
Memory: 512 MB of RAM (XP), 1 GB of RAM (Vista)
Hard Drive: 7.5 GB of uncompressed hard disk space (plus 400 MB for the Windows(R) swap file and 12 KB free for saved games)
Video card: NVIDIA (R) GeForce (R) 7600 GS 256 MB RAM or All ATI Radeon (TM) X1600XT 256 MB RAM
CD ROM: 6x Speed DVD-ROM (600 K/sec sustained transfer rate) and drivers

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James Bond Quantum of Solace

James Bond is back to settle the score in Quantum of Solace: The Game. Introducing a more lethal and cunningly efficient Bond, the game blends intense first-person action with a unique third-person cover combat system that allows players to truly feel what it is like to be the ultimate secret agent as they use their stealth, precision shooting and lethal combat skills to progress through missions.

Seamlessly blending the heart-pounding action and excitement of the upcoming Quantum of Solace feature film with the Casino Royale movie, the title propels players into the cinematic experience of international espionage. Based on the renowned Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game engine that has been specifically engineered to immerse players in the Bond universe, Quantum of Solace: The Game delivers superior high-definition graphics, reactive AI and visually stunning locations inspired by locales portrayed in the films.

Minimum System Requirements

* OS: Windows XP/Vista
* Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2.4 GHz/AMD Athlon XP 64 2800+/Any Dual Core Processor @ 1.8 GHz
* Memory: 512 MB (1 GB for Vista)
* Video Memory: 128 MB (nVidia GeForce 6600/ATI Radeon 9800 Pro)
* Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
* DirectX: 9.0c or 10
* Keyboard & Mouse
* DVD Rom Drive

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Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

Spider-Man™: Friend or Foe, defeat Spider-Man's most famous enemies, like Venom, Doc Ock, and Green Goblin, then add them to your epic team of playable allies. Play as Spider-Man or a sidekick in ground-breaking cooperative multiplayer in exotic settings around the globe, including Tokyo, Egypt and Nepal. Inspired by the Spider-Man movies, this action adventure game reinterprets big-screen moments and battles with a humorous twist .

PC System Requirements
Processor Speed: 1.6GHz
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista System

Memory: 256MB RAM

Hard Drive Space: 5GB

Video: 128MB 3D DirectX 9.0c-compatible

video card Sound: CardDirectX 9.0c-compatible 16-bit sound card DVD-ROM 4x

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Fifa manager 2009

FIFA Manager 09 gives you full control over the management of a football club. You are responsible for the line-up, the tactics and the training of your team – as well as for signing the right players, improving the club facilities and the stadium. It is also important that you maintain good relationships with your players, the board, the sponsors and the press. But FIFA Manager 09 goes further. Managing your national team is one of the options, playing as a player manager is another one (in this case you can even control your player on the pitch). And then there is the ultimate challenge: Found your own club and work your way up the leagues to finally become Champions!

Hardware Requirements

  • Supported software: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98/ME and Microsoft Windows NT are not supported), executable on Microsoft Windows Vista

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent processor
  • 512 MB RAM, 1024 MB recommended (depending on the number of selected leagues)
  • 64 MB (AGP/PCI-E), graphics card (for additional information on supported graphics cards, please check section 10)
  • 4,500 MB available hard disk space 8x DVD-ROM drive
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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Terminator 4 : Salvation

Terminator: Salvation is a prequel to the events of the major motion picture of the same name. It is two years after Judgment Day--the date that the Terminator mythology assigns to the nuclear event that the machines will rain down on planet Earth--and what's left of humanity is caught in a life and death struggle against that same machine intelligence that sprung to life from the former defense super computer known as Skynet. Yet things are not quite what the the earlier chapters in the Terminator saga had predicted for these days. Although over the last two years human survivors of the catastrophe have prepared and organized themselves for the ongoing battle with the machines, John Connor, the character that the player assumes, has yet to emerge as the legendary hero he was foretold to be, and time is running out. In its early nuclear strikes against humanity, Skynet damaged part of itself. It has spent the last two years rebuilding its strength as well in order to complete its mission of the extermination of the human race. Now is the time to strike back at the machines. Now is the time for you and John Connor to take command.

Action in Terminator: Salvation is from a third-person perspective and relies heavily on the use of cover. Correspondingly players will be able to lock on to cover, dive or slide from one cover point to the next and fire weapons without exposing themselves to return fire, but this doesn't mean that combat is easy. Cover is fully destructible in the game, meaning that your mechanical enemies will attempt to take that advantage away from you if they recognize that you are dug in. They will also make every attempt to flank your position. These two points are important because Terminator: Salvation forces you to take care of yourself in its single player campaign by not featuring a health regeneration system between checkpoints (health is fully restored at the end of survived levels). But health can be regenerated during combat via an AI or human teammate anytime when playing in the game's local co-op mode. The ability to team up in co-op mode is also a major aspect of gameplay in that it allows players to turn the tables on terminator units by flanking them and attacking their less heavily armored sides rather than head on. Both single player and co-op modes also feature access to vehicles which can be battled from as well.


* Terminator Mythology - Set two years prior to the upcoming Terminator Salvation film, play as John Connor for the first time and continue the epic fiction of the Terminator mythology.

* Intelligent Robotic Enemies - Unrelenting and incredibly resilient iconic enemies from the Terminator franchise fight to the bitter end on land and in the sky.

* Destructible Cover Gameplay - Advanced cover mechanics allows you to use the destructible environment as protection and strategically navigate through enemy entrenched territory. The cover mechanic's multifaceted design changes the way "cover" gameplay is executed.

* Diverse Weaponry - Utilize a wide array of advanced weapons including shotguns, fully automatic machine guns, huge mounted weaponry, grenades, rocket-launchers, and even a plasma-firing Skynet tank.

* Rugged Vehicle Battles - Pursue, attack, or evade enemies through post-apocalyptic environments on foot or inside rugged armored vehicles in extremely kinetic and extensive cinematic gun battles.

* 2-Player Local Co-op Mode - Battle through post-Judgment Day LA with a friend in local co-op play.

Minimum System Requirements
OS:XP sp2/Vista
Processor: 3.0 GHZ or higher
Memory: 1GB RAM or higher
Hard Drive: 7GB Free harddrive space
Video Memory: 7900GT or higher
Sound Card: N/A
DirectX: DX9
Keyboard & Mouse:
CD/DVD Rom Drive:

Recommended System Requirements
OS: XP sp2/Vista
Processor: 1.8GHZ Dual Core or higher
Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive: 7GB Free harddrive space
Video Memory: 8800 GT or SLI
Sound Card: 5.1 Surround or better
DirectX: DX9
Keyboard & Mouse
CD/DVD Rom Drive


Wnated Wepon Of Fate

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Mercenaries 2

Sandbox-style games - games where you can freely explore a totally interactive universe and engage in secondary missions while following the main plot – seem to be quite trendy today. Just think about GTA IV or Saints Row 2.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames follows this trend and presents you with a free-to-discover war zone immersed in chaos after a political coup in Venezuela. A corrupted, ambitious tyrant has overthrown the Government to grab hold of the rich Venezuelan oil supplies and the whole country is out of control. But don't worry, this is precisely your element.

Why? Because you're not a soldier, but a mercenary: and as such, you'll be willing to accept all kinds of dirty jobs, as long as they pay enough for them. There are no rules, no mercy, no morality and no remorse. This is a question of survival. This is war, and everything goes.

As well as the missions you have to complete as mercenary in order to earn money, there's a ton of other things you can do. There's a huge map you're free to explore, along with all kinds of vehicles and a extensive collection of weapons to try.

While the game's main story and the approach developers have taken to it are quite attractive, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames has one big drawback: controls. Like other titles we've reviewed before this game has been designed for consoles, and that makes it ridiculously difficult to manage with a keyboard. In cases like these, a gamepad is more than recommended.

Also note that you're going to need a very powerful machine in order to run Mercenaries 2: World in Flames as smoothly as possible and be able to enjoy the game's highly realistic graphics. Otherwise the image will be so clunky and full of glitches that you'll be dead before you can spot your enemies.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is an attractive, action-packed war adventure that unfortunately runs better on a console.


15-minute free play
OS requirements for Mercenaries 2: World in Flames:

* OS: WinXP/Vista/7


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

In the game of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, players will return to Hogwarts to help Harry survive a fraught sixth year. They will also have a chance to engage in exciting wizard duels, mix and brew magical ingredients in Potions class and take to the air to lead the Gryffindor Quidditch team to victory. Players may even get sidetracked by Ron’s romantic entanglements as they journey towards a dramatic climax and discover the identity of the Half-Blood Prince

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Mr. Bean

Explore the hilarious world of Mr Bean and friends, as you accompany your favourite comedy character on more exciting adventures in this fabulous new PC game. Based on the popular series from Tiger Aspect Productions, the hopelessly daft but delightful Mr Bean embarks on a search for Teddy and invites you along for the ride. Side-splitting story, simple controls, fun tasks and fabulous gameplay - join Mr Bean and have fun like you've never known before:
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Santa Fe in the late summer of 1883. Lester Lloyd Goodman is
dead and buried, and his railway empire lies in

Cooper enjoys his bittersweet revenge, but only for a short
while, because something else is wrong: Doc McCoy has
disappeared. He was kidnapped and poisoned. The person behind
the disappearance seems to be Goodman's widow

She meets Cooper in a church in Santa Fe, where she makes him
a diabolical offer: she will spare Docs life if Cooper will
carry out a few assignments that will brand him as a criminal
Cooper agrees

Together with his friends he sets out to free Doc McCoy. But
the more enmeshed they become in the crime, the clearer it
becomes that much more is involved than the revenge of a young

Real-time strategy and tactics in a hard-edged adventure in
the old American Wild West

Breathtaking scenarios including the forgotten Rochester s
Jail, a stormy train robbery in a relay station, a bloody
sunset in Santa Fe, an ambush in the dark and gruesome
Blackwater, and a visit to the beautiful New Orleans

Combo Actions pair skills from any combination of two heroes
for added tactical versatility

Movie Mode for recording, watching and exporting of your own
heroic deeds. Be your own Hollywood director!

Switch instantly between freely rotatable and zoomable
isometric and 3rd person views to gain the greatest tactical

Powerful, effective and fast-paced hero control using an
extremely reactive and easy to learn interface

Exciting step-by-step tutorial gets you into the action fast
for beginners and experienced heroes, both

3 well-balanced difficulty levels

More than one way to play and more than one way to score your
reward. Play it your way or all ways!

60 different enemies with tactical behavior driven by our
advanced AI system

Use your enemies weaknesses against them. Use alcohol or
seduction as weapons in a game of deadly cat and mouse
Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 @ 1.5 GHz or Athlon Equivalent
Memory: 512 MB
Video Memory: 128 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse
DVD Rom Drive

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Download: Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Patch v1.0.0.1


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Based on Hasbro’s legendary TRANSFORMERS property and one of the most anticipated films of 2009 from Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen thrusts players into a battle for supremacy across the globe as either AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS to drive, fly, fight and blast their way through intense, pressure-packed levels. Delivering more control than ever before, players can select from an extremely diverse range of playable TRANSFORMERS – each with distinct personalities, abilities and weaponry – and jump straight into action as they instantly switch between robot, vehicle and weapon modes to fight for the preservation or annihilation of all mankind. For the first time in the TRANSFORMERS universe, players can also fight the epic war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS online in explosive, multiplayer combat.

* The Choice Is Yours – Players can take on the role of their favorite AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS such as Optimus Prime, Starscream, Bumblebee and Ironhide, along with new characters making their first appearance in a game. With two distinct campaigns that allow players to save or destroy the human race, players can unlock and play missions in any order and with different characters for a whole new experience.
* Outmaneuver Your Opponents – Instantaneously convert from a colossal robot to a dynamic land or air vehicle such as a diesel truck, sports car, military chopper or fighter jet. New, ultra-fluid transformations can be performed in-motion anytime and anywhere, allowing players to strategically propel through and decimate hordes of enemies with incredible agility.
* Take the Battle Online with Friends – For the first time ever in the TRANSFORMERS universe, players can engage in full, multiplayer action, taking the epic war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS online to play with friends in a multitude of competitive game modes as they utilize their characters’ unique weapons and abilities to lead their teams to victory.
* Demolish Your Enemies – Each TRANSFORMER can unleash a unique array of assaults on its enemies – ranging from powerful missile attacks and rapid-fire chain guns to explosive energy blasts and visceral melee strikes – allowing players to pick from a variety of weapons and moves in their character’s arsenal and experience diverse gameplay in every brutal encounter.
* Intense, Heroic Missions – Every second counts as players drive, fly, fight and blast their way through gripping, pulse-pounding levels straight from the film and beyond to determine the ultimate fate of the world.


Game Prince of Persia

Game Pince of Persia.

It is a time of darkness. While the sultan is off fighting a foreign war, his Grand Vizier Jaffar has seized the reins of
power. Throughout the land, the people groan under the yoke of tyranny, and dream of better days.

You are the only obstacle between Jaffar and the throne. An adventurer from a foreign land, innocent of palace intrigues, you have won the heart of the Sultan's lovely young daughter. And in so doing, you have unwittingly made a powerful enemy.

On Jaffar's orders, you are arrested, stripped of your sword and possessions, and thrown into the Sultan's dungeons. As for the Princess, Jaffar gives her a choice, and an hour to decide: Marry him--or DIE!

Locked in her room high in the palace tower, the Princess rests all her hopes on you. For when the last sands drain from the hourglass, her choice can bring only a throne for the Grand Vizier . . . a new reign of terror for his long-suffering subjects . . . and death for the brave youth who might have been . . . Prince of Persia.


Up - Jump up/climb up
Down - Kneel/climb down
Left - Move left/Hold to run left
Right - Move right/Run right
Left/Up - Jump left/Far jump if running
Right/Up - Jump right/Far jump if running
Right-shift/Joystick button - Pick up/swing sword

Ctrl-A - Restart current level
Ctrl-R - Return to intro
Ctrl-S - Sound on/off
Ctrl-V - Version
Ctrl-Q - Quit to DOS
Shift-L - Next level

There seemed to be some code to save the game, but I couldn't figure out how to save. Watch for the complete docs in a day or two, from us or someone else.

Jumping straight up and hitting the ceiling will sometimes reveal a way up.
To move forward a small amount, duck or jump straight up.
Red potions heal; Blue potions hurt.

This game looks pretty good. The character's movements are impressive. The game reviewers seem to agree, as you can tell by looking through PRINCE.EXE with your favorite sector editor or file browser. I haven't seen any of those pop up yet. Could just be in there for people who look through the code. Anyway, I'm sure you'll enjoy this thing. I did until forced to play it several dozen times. It's rather difficult... On level 12 you have to duel the Sultan or whatever he is.

Distributive size: 476K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT


Dec 1, 2009

Backyard Football 2009 REPACK-FLT - Free PC Games Download

This game includes all 22 backyard kids and 15 professional players as kids. This is really funny experience that in pro football match having kid playing with professional. This experience are only available in games world. It suggest you don't missed this experience. Backyard Football returns for a 7th season with more pro players, exciting new features, and better game play than ever before. Backyard Football 2009 offers 7 on 7 teams with wild arcade style power moves and comes loaded with current NFL Superstars as kids (at least one from every team). The game features new Pro Bowl and tournament modes, season play or single games, custom teams and players, un-lockables, and multiple levels. Outrageous game play and awesome power ups mixed in with authentic NFL action.

Min System Requirements:

Game size:- 417 MB
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium III 933MHz or higher
  • 128 MB RAM or higher
  • 50 MB free
  • 8x speed or faster
  • 64 MB Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Hardware T&L-compatible compatible video card
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista compatible sound card*
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher

Frontlines Fuel Of War - Free Download Fuel Of War Frontline

Frontlines Fuel Of War is all about bomb, rifles, tankers, choppers, rocket launcher, shoulder missile etc. If you want to mess yourself completely in war zone sitting on your PC then Frontlines Fuel Of War is right your choice. This is a first person shooter games. All your activity in this games are start and end at war zone. Your environment will be completely full of gun fire grenade attack..etc, in sort this is the advance version of Battlefield. You can use all the advance version of weapons and real life war tactics during the game play. Anti-Vehicle class is armed with anti-tank landmines capable of dealing large damage to enemy armor. The Anti-Vehicle class also utilizes a heat seaking rocket launcher that allows him to track the target, lock on, and select the rocket’s trajectory before firing. These missiles can be blocked by vehicles by deploying thermal flares.

You can enjoy using sniper rifle which give you long range closeup of fire perfectly to your opponents. It also contain multilayer option. There are six unit classes in total, and four different roles. The six classes are Anti-Vehicle, Assault, Heavy Assault, Sniper, Special Operations, and Close Combat classes.

System Requirement:

CPU: Pentium 4 2.8GHz+ or equivalent AMD Athlon 2800+
RAM: 768MB for Windows XP / 1GB RAM for Windows Vista
HD: 11.5GB
GPU: nVidia 6800GT (SM3) or ATI X800XT (SM2)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Run Setup.bat
Run FFOW.exe Locakted in \Binaries

Sim City Societies - Free Download Sim City Societies - Sim City Societies Crack

If you have played Sim City before or else at least you know about it, then you will surely attracted towards this new Sim City game know as Sim City Societies which is brought to you by Free Games Download blog. The most attractive part of this game is that it is a city building game. You will get all he necessary tools to build your own virtual building. Create your own city by your imagination and shape it as you like.
You can build parks, gardens, road, street..etc. You will get more than 500 unique object to combine and make unlimited things. You can get idea from any place real or virtual and then to implement it on this game is not tough job. You you are a creative person then you can do more than you are imagination. If you play well then you can unlock the advance buildings. You can share your building with your friend online. You can control and manage the SIMS in your city. Surely you can do more then you are thinking.

System Requirement:-

Windows XP SP2, or Windows Vista
1.7 GHz Intel CPU, or AMD XP 2100 processor
512 MB RAM
memory, 2.1 GB free hard disk drive space,
128 MB video card, DVD drive, DirectX 9.0-compatible video card.
(Windows Vista requires a 2.4 GHz processor or equivalent and 1 GB RAM)

Free Moto Rush Online - Play Free Moto Rush Online - Free Online Moto Game

If you are motor bike racing freak and believe in rough drive then this blog has brings you the Free Moto Rush Online Game. You will get all the stuffs like crazy bikes and rough driving all the way out. You will also face some corrupt cops who always in search to hunt you out. In short the survival in not that easy dude!!!. But any how if you want your existence in this game you have to survive.

Click to play

Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne - Max Payne 2 Latest Version - Full Version Max Payne 2

Max Payne 2 is the latest version of Max Payne games series. Max Payne is the popular personality in gaming as well as movie world. The Max Payne character itself is too strong that can easily attract anyone. When we talk about game, Max Payne 2 is one of the modernized equipped game which gives you the experience of using latest weapons and fighting skills. The character Max Payne is filled with lots of stamina, fighting skill, style, dress up which can easily attract any gamers. Max Payne 2 has slow motion mode which make you feel like you are watching an action movie. Graphics, storyline, game play and action mode add to it. This is really a gamers choice.

Short Description of Characters:-

Max Payne is the main character, a homicide detective working for the NYPD (and formerly the DEA), to which he was transferred after all the incidents in the first game. After meeting Mona Sax in a gun workshop owned by Vladimir Lem, he is assigned to find out who is behind the Squeaky Cleaning Company, a group of shadowy assassins that form one side in an oncoming gang war. Max's partner is Detective Winterson, who is meanwhile assigned to solve a murder case involving a Senator. Her case suspect is Mona Sax; for an unsaid reason, Mona is helping Max to find out who is trying to kill him. In critical and commercial circles, Max Payne has been cited as an exceptionally developed video game character, with his behaviour encompassing the exaggerated action of his situation and developing with it.

System Requirement:-

1 GHz Pentium III
Athlon or 1.2GHz Celeron or
Duron processor or equivalent
256 MB
Video Memory:
32 MB

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 - Free Download - WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 - Full Version Raw 2007

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 is one of the most popular game in playstation world. But its popularity is not restricted till playstation but on other hand it's demand pull it to Pc world too. There are all the famous WWE super stars in this game. This game also includes some interesting feature such as Season Mode, Exhibition Mode, Online Game play, Roster and Create Mode.

Season Mode: In this mode the player should chose one Super Star and he/she has to pass the given challenges within game.

Exhibition Mode: In Exhibition Mode you can randomly chose the Super Star to with you want to play and also decide your opponent. You can also play six-man match or tag team. This mode of game is quite flexible.

Online Play: You can also play online WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007. You can play it on LAN by connecting your friend or WAN wide area network if you internet speed is quite good.

Roster: Roster Mode includes in every WWE Smackdown games, this is about the Super Star who compete for WWE.

Create Mode: In this mode you can customize you Super Star. You can customize your Super Star Power, Stamina, Muscle, Strength and including other looks and behaviour.

System Requirement:-

You can run on
Windows 98/xp/ME/2003.

Moto Racer 3 2007, Free Games Download, Free Online Games

Moto Racer 3 2007 is the complete Motor Racing Games...... It includes varieties of Dirt Race Stages, Free Racing on the road. Moto Racer have the traffic mode racing in which you can drive your chosen Bike in heavy or low traffic as per as your requirement which is very different experience in rest of all Bike Racing Games. The Dirt Racing includes professional laps which have different lenght, size, tuns , gages.....etc the lots of difficulty which holds you long long time...
You can also chose the racing categories which you want to play like ...... Single Race , Arcade Race, Challenge Cup , Knock Out Race........ and many else.
If you believe that Dirt Race have different awsome experiance and you want to experience it just click the link below and enter to the Dirt Race World.

Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within, Free PC Games Download

Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within is one of the release of Prince Of Persia Family.... One more amazing adventurous series which has a fantastic story line which hold the player interesting level.... Some of the brief description which may increase your interesting level:-

In the sequel to The Sands of Time, Warrior Within, seven years have passed. During this time, the Prince has been chased by the Dahaka, the Keeper of the Timeline. The Timeline says that "whosoever shall open the Sands must die" and therefore the Prince's survival has created an anomaly in the Timeline. It is this anomaly which the Dahaka, a time-traversing entity that chases the Prince throughout the game to end his life, means to correct by eliminating the Prince from the Timeline.

The Prince, following the advice of an oracle referred to only as "the Old Man", travels to an area referred to as the "Island of Time," where he believes he can confront a character called the "Empress of Time" and prevent the Sands of Time from being created, thus "un-making" the Dahaka's existence. En route he encounters a servant of the Empress named Shahdee, who attempts to slay the Prince and his comrades. The Prince survives the encounter and discovers himself on the Island of Time.

Eventually, the Prince encounters both Shahdee and a lady named Kaileena while both of the two women are arguing. The Prince defeats Shahdee in combat and is warned by Kaileena that the Empress "has no love for the world of men." While Kaileena expresses this sentiment early, she later helps the Prince through various means to complete his task. It is later revealed that Kaileena is indeed the Empress of Time herself; the Prince subsequently kills her to preserve his existence and stop the Dahaka's pursuits.

So, buddy if you want more don't just depend on stories... download the game and experience if personally ........... you will surely out of this world.... enjoy

System Requirement:

Win 2000-XP. Processor: Pentium III 1 Ghz or AMD Athlon 1 Ghz. RAM: 256mb. Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce 3 or greater; (GeForce 4 MX not included),
ATI Radeon 7500 or greater.

Hotel Giant 2 – RELOADED - Free PC Games Download

Today we will see one more free pc game called hotel gaint 2 reloaded.
Hotel Empire 2 is based on building the hotels and managing them. You can hire and assign staff, strike deals and make the strategic and day-to-day decisions needed to build and operate a world – renewed hotel property. The great location and graphic make everything look awesome and close to reality. The way you present your hotel brings business to you…. Furnished room, ventilated area. …etc. This game is based in real life strategy which not even makes you earn profit in games but also teach you who to implement it in real life.

You will find 4 3D cities like Paris, Rome, Munich and Los Angles… where you can buy and build you dream hotel…. You will find 26 different types of hotels according to quality, setting, and your personal criteria. Various facilities are available outside the hotel: from climbing walls exquisite spas! More than 1.500 items to create in unique hotel in the style of your choice.

System Requirement:

  • Size 963MB.

  • Window Vista/XP
  • Processor: Pentium 2400 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Free hard drive space: 700 MB

Need For Speed Pro Street - Free Download - Download Full Version - Free Links

Need For Speed (NFS) this very popular racing game in Pc world. All the series of this games are highly preferred by the players. The latest version of this series is Need For Speed Pro Street. Need For Speed Pro Street is Pro racing invented gaming. The previous version of this series are such as NFS Most Wanted or NFS Hot pursuit etc which based on rough drive, chasing with cops, defeat the enemies any who, Crashing the cars coming on the street,The was no rule in respect of traffic. Everything was just fare when it's about winning race.

This is the Professional racing experience. You have to race on laps rather then in between normal roads and traffic. You won't have to mess with cops but your opponents on behalf of that.There are 1/4 and 1/2 is the fastest time of drag race. It's also includes the features wheelie competition. There are grip race which as four different modes such as Normal Grip, Grip Class, Sector Shootout and Time Attack.The feature like customizing care such paint, changing engines, turbo, rim, glass, numbers, stickers..etc helps you to give a unique look to your car.

This Game also features Online Gaming. You can also connect multiple Computers and play with your friend on LAN.The graphic of this game is absolutely fine.Overall all the gaming experience would be unexpectedly mind blowing.

System requirements

Windows XP
/ Vista
2.8 GHz CPU (3.0 GHz for Vista)
512 MB RAM (1 GB for Vista)
8.1 GB hard disk space
DirectX 9.0 with Shader 2.0 support compatible 128 MB graphics card with one of these chipsets GeForce FX 5950;
Radeon 9500
DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
512 kbit/s Internet connection for online play

Band Manager - Free Download - Full Version Download

Musics and Rock band always attract to any individual. This is one of the easy adopted way which help people to decrease their frustrations. You have seen the Rockstar and RJ's (Radio Jokey)how they entertain people and easily win their heart. We all like them and we also have our favorite one too. Many of as have some feeling or creativity to show in respect of Musics and Bands. But to express it; not an easy task for every individuals. But Free Pc Games the Blog brought to you the latest Band Manger Pc game which puts you in complete control of Rock Band. Your task is simple just hold your control on radio station and play the most demanded one. Hack all the radio station to increase your airplay or purchase them all. This way you can increase your band demand. This game include all the advance stuffs that used in radio station. Just indulge your self completely and show some creativity dude.Rock the airplay.

System Requirement:-

Operating System: Vista/XP.
Processor: 1.7 GHZ
Memory : 1GB.
Hard Disk : 5 GB.
Video Memory : 128 Min.

This game are truly ment for the hardcore soccer player.... all controls defines a close relation between reality and virtuality.. Your will surly not missed your favorite action and your favorite player reaction....
FIFA 08 includes 620 FIFA licensed teams, 30 leagues (with all 27 leagues
from FIFA 07), and more than 15,000 players included, 20 more than FIFA 07.
The new leagues are the FAI League of Ireland, the Australian A-League and
the Czech Gambrinus Liga.
If you want to mess your self in real looking FIFA 2008 ..... your fingers really need stamina and your mind control.... if you do so, you are one of them......remember.


* Platforms: Windows XP, 2000 and Vista.
* CPU for XP/2000: Pentium 4 (1,3Ghz) or equivalent.
Memory requirements for XP/2000: 256Mb RAM
* CPU for Vista: Pentium 4 (1,5Ghz) or equivalent.
Memory requirements for Vista: 512Mb RAM
* Free Disk Space required: 3,92GB
Graphic card with 64MB ram as minimum

Download all the link and then extrat it dude.....

Download Link:

Buy Need for Speed Shift Full Version Download

You know Need for Speed Shift full version has been released and is available as a digital donwload along with the purchase on disc. Direct 2 Drive is holding the Need for Speed full version download that you can buy after paying for it. D2D is giving the game for $49.95 or $50 in round figures. The D2D version of Need for Speed Shift full game is available to those who lives in either USA or Canada. This means if user outside those territories wants to purchase Need for Speed full version download he/she still has to go for the retail version on disc.

You can check more on NFS Shift full version download at D2D and can also see the game trailer there. You can download Need for Speed full version only after paying for it. Please note down that this is not the free version of the game. If you are looking for the free version, please check Need for Speed Shift PC demo download page here.

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