Mar 18, 2010

Download Avater Game Free Full Version - Enjoy Avater Game

The Avater game going this way. The Avatar Game takes place 2 years prior to the events in the movie. In the game, players take the role of Lance Corporal Able Ryder, a signal specialist from the SecOps who arrives on the distant world Pandora, hand-picked to take part in theAvatar Program, a little known scientific initiative launched by the RDA Corporation, which is mining Pandora for rare minerals. Ryder learns to pilot his own avatar, a hybrid of human DNA and that of Pandora's indigenous species, the Na'vi. As Ryder ventures further into the Pandoran jungle, he learns more about its many creatures of Pandora, the Na'vi, and their struggle with the Corporation to save Pandora. At the flashpoint of this conflict, Ryder must decide where his true allegiance lies: with either the RDA, or the Navi

Titanic, Aliens and The Terminator have all come to us courtesy of the Canadian filmmaker. This December sees the release of the long-awaited Avatar, a movie about an alien moon called Pandora and the battle over its riches. Cameron's last movie, Titanic, set all sorts of box office records. That puts the expectations for Avatar at near impossible levels and naturally paves the way for a videogame adaptation. It's a game that I had high hopes for and though it does its best to play to the movie's strengths -- featuring a lush jungle world and 3D visuals – Avatar: The Game ultimately suffers from unpolished and thin gameplay elements. The Avatar Game is so attractive for all gamers. So u can play it following link after downloading. Thanks.